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Services I Offer

Personalised Support and Guidance

Life can be difficult and I am passionate about empowering people to work through it's challenges, from learning to improve their general sense of wellbeing to overcoming traumatic experiences - I personalise my approach to suit everyone’s needs.

Counselling & Psychological Therapy

No matter what you are going through I am here to listen and to help. Whether you feel you need a supportive space to talk through your difficulties, are feeling trapped by painful thoughts and feelings, or are looking to work through traumatic experiences, my aim is to help you find a way forward that suits you and your goals.

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Personal Growth & Wellbeing Coaching 

Making changes in our lives is difficult, even when we really want to. We might say to ourselves we want to start looking after our health more, change our career, go traveling, start dating, or learn to play the guitar. We might even buy the guitar, update our CV, or spend money on a diet plan. Yet, making these changes is still really hard and we can find ourselves being stuck in a pattern of stop/start, and feeling frustrated with ourselves. Alternatively, sometimes we know that we want something to change, but we are not sure what or what direction to take. 

Similarly, we all know that good mental health is really important for our well-being but it can be hard for us to know how to attend to it. We may know how to look after our physical health such as, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, and there are various options to help us achieve this such as, gym classes or using apps/guides. But with mental health, it is often difficult to know how to proactively engage with it. After all, there isn't a "mind gym" to go to."

This is where my personal growth & well-being coaching comes in. I have devised an approach based on a range of therapies that focuses on helping you develop skills in attending to your mental health and enhancing your mindset. This method will help you to gain clarity and motivate you to engage with what matters to you, by addressing inferring thinking patterns, emotional barriers, and un-useful old habits. This will support you to pursue goals and aspirations that have previously felt stuck or unattainable. 



I offer supervision to both trainee and qualified practitioners to support their professional practice and personal development.

I also have a keen interest in providing supervision for other helping professions to support their wellbeing, prevent burnout, and introduce a psychological-informed perspective to their work. I have experience working with British Sign Language Interpreters and have conducted published research on interpreter wellbeing. 

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Are you and a few friends interested in learning more skills and techniques for psychological and emotional wellbeing and would like to explore this together? I can develop a personalised group session based on your joint interests and goals - something different and new to try together!

I can also develop and deliver workshops for staff, students, other professionals, or interest groups on wellbeing or a range of other psychological topics that can be made relevant to your field. 

Examples of topics I have previously provided workshops on include, Stress Management, Preventing Burnout, Promoting Wellbeing, Work/Life Balance, Staff & Student Support, and Introduction to  Mindfulness. 

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Video Call 

Face to Face


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