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 "I have never been to a psychologist in my life and was quite apprehensive I immediately felt at ease as she is a very calm lovely person. I have worked hard at the exercises which she suggested I tried the whole experience very very relaxed and calming I have learned a great deal about the human mind. I have a few strategies up my sleeve to help me deal with my problems I’m extremely grateful for the help Emma was able to give me. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma I am glad that I plucked up the courage to go to the first appointment"

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"I was at the breaking point, I was hopeless and didn't think I could go on. Emma has helped me put myself back together, taught me how to deal with my issues and how to move forward in life, with relationships, work and feeling comfortable with myself. I can never thank her enough for how patient, caring and supportive she's been for the past year and a half."

"When I began working with Emma, I was coming through my separation, adapting to life as a single mum of a toddler and was beginning to navigate dating again. With all of this going on I was having a crisis of confidence in myself, my anxiety was peaking and I was having a hard time with decision making. 


Emma’s approach very much focuses on education and empowerment, she listens and encourages and rather than telling me her thoughts she worked with me to support me to understand the mechanics of what was going on for me. I felt like this very much gave me the ability to become more comfortable with myself and my reactions, raising awareness and providing me with what I can only describe as a toolkit. In many instances, just the support and the time to work through things helped me to get out of my head. 


We initially worked together for about a year and I’ve returned to Emma a couple of times when things have gotten a bit more complicated. Each of these times she’s listened and not judged, despite the shocking context of the problems, she’s been patient and helped me to work things through, and both times the check-in has been enough for me to regroup and refocus. 


I highly recommend Emma as a therapist, she really takes the time to get to know you and understand your preferred approach, is empathetic, objective and so knowledgeable in her expertise. Thank you Emma.

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"I started working with Emma during a period of the Covid pandemic where we could not meet face to face. Emma was great in adapting her sessions to work online and we met in person when the government guidelines permitted so. I am happy with the pace of Emma's sessions and the variety of techniques she uses, sometimes she may show a short video on a concept of how the brain works so I can better understand my behaviours and reactions. I find this method particularly helpful to me as Emma has understood I have keen curiosity on the science of the mind works. I see this the main reason I like working with Emma as a practitioner as she adapts to particularly suit the client’s needs."

As a counselling psychologist in training, I have found Emma's supervision to be extremely valuable. She has supported me in my use of multiple therapeutic modalities and interventions, as well as theoretical and ethical issues. Emma has been able to provide invaluable insight into my relationships with clients in terms of what's going on in the room, and her reflections and contributions have definitely had a significant impact on my practice. Within the supervisory relationship Emma is collaborative, non-judgemental and empathic. This allows me to make the most out of supervision and benefits both myself and my clients. Ultimately, my supervision with Emma has enabled me to feel both held as a trainee and also to grow as an autonomous practitioner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Emma as a supervisor.

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